Teamy brings you invaluable help in the Microsoft Teams adventure!

The application is available free of charge to any academic organization using Microsoft 365 Education.

Speed up the implementation

Simple import and export tools to build your classes, management of classes by academic year to easily start from scratch the following year.

Improve governance

Limit the creation of teams to your key users, block private chat for your students, apply meeting policies to your students.

Improve adoption

Creation of private and personal folders for each of your students, creation of read-only teams for your students, creation of folders on you own permissions adapted to your needs and uses.

Simplify administration

Reset your users' passwords by transferring them to their private address, create distribution lists for your classes, assign a private email address to your users.


Microsoft Teams

You may already be using it, and you are facing management and governance issues. Teams is a magnificent educational support, making it possible to create collaborative classes, to bring together teachers around educational communities, to facilitate distance learning,…. And it should not become a source of problems.



Technical managers are very often professors or members of management, and rarely true technicians. Beyond the functionalities specific to the world of education (Homework, Classrooms Notes,…), certain technical knowledge is necessary to use Teams optimally. In many use cases, you need Azure AD, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams skills, and very often real PowerShell skills.



The application is intended for technical managers of schools who have chosen Microsoft 365 and Teams. It is desktop application available free of charge for any school using Microsoft 365. This application is multilingual (FR, NL, UK). Our application therefore aims to simplify the use of advanced scenarios in Teams and to simplify certain administrative tasks of Microsoft 365.


Teams, before being a tool at the service of schools, is a collaborative tool for the business world. It is therefore configured from the ground up with certain very open functionalities to promote communication, exchange and collaboration.

This openness, much appreciated in business, is a real danger in schools, thanks to the fertile imagination of our kids. This opportunity for collaboration will mostly be used wisely but some more malicious young people are able to hijack these openings to harm others.


The creation of teams is self-service, so your Microsoft 365 administrators, your teachers, your students, everyone can create one or more teams for their own needs.

Very quickly and without paying attention, as an administrator you will find yourself facing a multitude of teams beyond your control. Some of them contain content that you would have liked to avoid.

Private Discussions

Teams offers a private conversation service, chat. By default, all your students can chat with each other freely without any form of control from teachers or administrators. Here too I let you imagine the possible drifts.

There are enough mainstream tools for them to chat with each other without giving them the opportunity to do so through Teams. It is better to limit conversations so that they only take place within a team for all to see and under the control of the teaching team.


A team's file storage system is based on a SharePoint space. With a little curiosity, any student can access them and without your knowledge, they can in these SharePoint spaces create / modify items, such as uploading photo albums that they can share with each other.

This notion of "member" implies that they have "Edit" access to SharePoint. This modification right allows the following actions: Add, modify and delete lists. View, add, update, and delete list items and documents.


The "Files" tab in Teams is accessible to all of your students. They can put all kinds of documents there. But they can also modify and delete documents published by their classmates, or by teachers.

Maintaining a documentary organization under such conditions can quickly become a challenge for the teaching team. Having control over files and documents is a key to Teams success. You want personal and private folders for your students, or maybe folders hidden from your students, no problem.

Visio conferences

Many schools appreciate being able to organize audio and video conferences with their classes. But the organization of these videoconferences is not reserved exclusively for teachers.

Your students can easily organize their own videoconferences in a completely private way. As these lectures can be recorded and retrieved, I'll let you imagine where these videos might end up next.

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License Agreement

Please read the license agreement of the Teamy application before any download and use. The application is available free of charge to any academic organization using Microsoft 365 Education.


Please read the the documentation of the Teamy application (French) before any download and use.


By downloading you accept the terms of the Teamy license agreement: Download the latest version of Teamy

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